it's been ages....

when did I last posted an entry in here? lost track of the exact date..
i am now married and expecting our first baby anytime soon.in fact, my due date is tomorrow!!
nervous,anxious,excited,scared...u name it...
to think of it, doesnt matter how and what I feel, this has to go on..
* redha je la sakit yg dtg tuh*

just now,I posted something on my FB status of being accused of something that u never do and intended to do..i'd like to add something there.being accused by someone who is quite close to u.it's just frustrating, and not being able to let all out even to ur husband, makes u become frustrated even more.

i know, if i'm rebelling against this, lots of things are at stake.so i need to be smart even though it's eating me up inside.for my sake, my family n my future.i used to be good in bottling up all my feelings, why can't now??

all I can say, there's no point to be good to someone who's not in favour with u in the first place. It turns out that they are looking for the right time to get back at u..

holding on, holding on and keep holding on..
surviving, surviving and surviving...
I pray to the Almighty to ease this burden and let those with closed eyes see what is really going on all around them!


hello there!

new year, new things supposed to be coming in, new resolution(supposedly) and new hope, of course..

The school has reopened, and as for this year, I am teaching 2 Form 5 classes(back to Form5) and 3 Form 2 classes.but for the time being, I have to cover all 6 Form 2 classes since we r running out of teachers(God, help me please!).Basically, I will cover almost 28 periods a week..hermmm.....

I havent talked about my school PMR result. Boy,it was sooooo devastating. We're at no 28 out of 29 colleges. That was a TOTAL shock!Last 2 years, we were at no 2. We were loss at words, shocked, surprised, sad, frustrated,u name it.... I thought I was not giving enough.I was not working hard enough.But, after some talk with my colleagues, there's actually nothing to regret about. We have done our very best. Everything we could. We have put forth all the hard work, time and energy.Maybe it was not their rezeki this year..

Looking on a positive note, it's also a good thing that this happened. A bless in disguise I would say. We become alert, prepared in whatever we r doing. All the things need proper planning. Maybe we were in our comfort zone last year.MAYBE, just maybe..

Will be busy with my wedding preparation as well.. Done with the 'hantaran' items. Havent start anything on the wedding package, the cards, the guess list, the dress for akad...4 more months to go..


in bangi already..not a very interesting thing i would say.it's not something that i highly anticipate.i would prefer to stay at home during this break(who wouldnt...duhh)

cant wait for the weekend.have some shopping to do.going to start my hunt looking for my hantaran items..

2 more weeks to go then i'll start working again..*sigh*

talking about work, there's a lot of things that i wanted to propose to my HOD.but i'm afraid that i'll do it half way..

would like to talk bout teachers' responsibility but i guess not now,my laptop batt is critical..and everybody in the class wanted to use the electricity..maybe later.



weyh!!!14 straight hours of classes!!!!my head started to feel pain all over, i cudnt think properly..adui,i have an assignment that is due on this friday..but i cudnt think properly..how to do??(alasan x nk buat assignment)

UPDATES: It's Sunday (13th December) and I still haven't emailed my asgmt to my lecturer...sekian..


fuhhhhhhh...*wipe away the dust*
err...*so much of an aspiration to be a good writer eh...

piiiigidah*..talking to myself..
really, i think writing is not my forte..i'm not even an occasional writer, what more frequent..i read but writing,it's turn off for me..how ironic is that.. *i thot Literature students love to write?*
i write rubbish.i write what i feel.it's very rare for me to talk about something serious in my blog, but when i do, i'll make sure i have plenty of time.. :)
as i'm typing this, i'm actually in bangi, doing my dip.ed.God knows how much it is torturing me.fortunately, this semester is not that tense if compared to the previous semester.we started our core courses last 2 weeks.for the last 3 days, it's Literature class. it;s not I'm complaining, but I'm expeccting something new and not something that we have learned like 4 years back..
last tuesday, I went out to Mid Valley to meet up with the former coursemates in UIA.. it's awesome.they are whole of crazy bunch people. we were laughing and laughing like no one's business..the food was ok but the companion made the dinner worth every penny..



okay,i know this is not the main purpose of my blog, but i'm doing this as a favor to my friend..so, here we go..

Brand: Liz Claiborne
Price : RM100 (postage cost is to be advised)

Brand: XOXO
Price : RM100(postage cost is to be advised)

All of these are stocks from US. U see, my friend's sis a stewardess. She got this from LA to be specific..


Email me for further details....